Pogson ‘buzzing’ to claim English National Challenge title

Pogson with coaches Colan Forman and Steve Davison. IrY4ygmoWfivINJzCZUd
Pogson with coaches Colan Forman and Steve Davison. IrY4ygmoWfivINJzCZUd

Thomas Pogson was left ‘buzzing’ after defeating rival Sherif Musah to win the English National Challenge belt.

The 22-year-old amateur earned a unanimous decision at Newark Showground on Saturday night – but not before some harsh words from coach Steve Davison.

A laboured second round saw Davison give heavyweight Pogson – the cousin of Boston pro Callum Johnson – the verbal bashing he needed before an impressive third round sealed the title.

“Steve was proper going nuts at me, more than he’s ever done before,” Pogson told The Standard.

“He told me I was losing my discipline and I was going to lose the fight.

“But it was what I needed.”

Pogson – who was beaten in the final of the Senior National Elite Championships by longstanding rival Natty Ngwenya in April – admitted he found the fight tough going following a long, energy-sapping season.

“I was feeling it, to be fair,” he added.

“I think I need a rest from fighting now to let some niggles go away. It’s been a hard year.

“I was buzzing to win the belt, but it wasn’t an easy fight. He’s a bit scrappy, our styles clash and he always makes it hard for you.”

However, Pogson, who represents Imps Boxing Centre, came out on top against his White Hart Lane ABC rival for a third time.

And while he may be taking a quick break from fighting, Pogson will remain in training as he continues his quest to win the National Elite Championships.

“That’s the one I really want to win,” he continued.