Predictable look to table early on

Scott Whyers EMN-140218-081218001
Scott Whyers EMN-140218-081218001

In the Boston Indoor Bowling League’s Orchard Orthotics and Foot Care Division One, the top of the division, even at this early stage, is looking very predictable.

With just three games played Carlton Road, Holland Fen and defending champions Eastenders sit in the top three places.

Carlton Road maintained top place on shot difference even though their top rink dropped two points.

Jean Cammack (A40), ably assisted by Jake Hewinson and Mark Freemantle, saw off a strong challenge from Ian Clark, Sue Simpson-Shaw and Les Feary.

Meanwhile, Martin Tomlin (Carlton Road ) had a fairly comfortable ride to win the aggregate points for the leaders.

Holland Fen, in equal first, picked up maximum points against Parthians with wins of 23-13 and 28-12.

Eastenders saw another two points slip out of their grasp when Jolly Farmers’ Ray Reeson, Dick Allen and David Allen triumphed 17-13.

For the Enders, Stuart Moore, Paul Flatters and Richard Vinter secured the lion’s share of the points with a win of 8-25.

Strollers hit the buffers this week when Tony Powell, for IBC, secured a win of 30-10 to take the aggregate.

But the Strollers’ team of Kath Beck, Rob Cooper and Tony Beck put in a solid performance to turn a 7-0 deficit into a 20-14 win.

Royal Mail were again found wanting in their third game and finished with zero points, Keith Sharp falling 22-18 to Punchbowlers’ Jeff Skelton and Alan Hill beaten 20-10 by Ian Drury.

Red 5 versus Invaders saw the former pick up the aggregate points thanks to Yvonne Smith, Bill Hodges and Ian Smith (16-11).

Replying for Invaders, Nathan Dunnington and Scott Whyers (playing a man short) did an exceptional job to hang on to win 19-20.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, surprise leaders Cosmos took four points from Autos.

Bob Thompson, leading 17-12, dropped six shots to lose out at the finish 17-18.

Andrew Dunnington delivered a winning scorecard of 24-7 to maintain the top position.

Poachers moved into second spot with a maximum points haul against Vikings.

Mick Dodes was successful 18-13 and Bob Tingey triumphed 20-13.

Breakaways and Nomads shared the rink points with Nomads winning the additional points thanks to skip Barry Beagles (19-8), which covered the reply from Breakaways of 9-18 from Lorraine Stevens.

Dynamics and Feathers also shared the rink points, but a huge win from Brian Simpson, Keith Posey and Brian Sansam (28-7) saw Feathers safely home.

Patriarchs should possibly have won all six from their game with Boston Park, but a late rally from the Park’s Alan Batchelor saw them snatch two of the six points available.

Michael Rate, for the Patriarchs, was never behind with a success of 21-14.

The top three in the Cammacks Division Three were all successful with Amateurs still maintaining their leading position.

Matched against Hotspurs, they produced winning scorecards of 23-13 and 26-10.

The Burtons, in second, dropped two points but still have a one point advantage over the Fairways.

For Burtons, skip Dick Masters won 21-13 while Dave Bailey started and strongly but Brian Hunn, for Central, scraped home 18-19.

Fairways played newcomers Phantoms, the result being maximum points for the Fairways with wins of 24-5 and 21-6 for Anthea Hall and Heather Scarboro.

U3 and Phoenix had a close battle.

With the clock ticking down and two ends remaining, U3 had the aggregate points in the bag, leading 26-16.

The Phoenix team put the pressure on but U3 hung onto an overall win of 26 -25.

Shipmates versus Bias saw the former pick up five of the six points available.

The Long, Greenhough, Robinson trio tied 18-18 with Joe Carr and Pat Pitts, Richard Sharp and Ted Vere started strongly and succeeded 18-7.