Reid produces promising sportshall results

Meghan Reid.
Meghan Reid.

The first match in the series of Boston and District AC’s Open Junior Sportshall Athletics events was held at the B-Hive indoor athletics training centre.

Young athletes made a smooth transition from outdoor track and field to the sportshall format, with some very encouraging performances.

In the under 13 age group Megan Reid prodused a series of promising results, recording 36.1 secs for three laps, 53.9 secs for four laps and 1 min 27.3 secs for six laps.

Megan also achieved 5.36m in standing triple jump and accumulated a total of 62 jumps in the 30 seconds time allocation in the speed bounce.

In the under nine age group Devan Quantrill won six of the 10 competitions on the programme.

Devan clocked 25.5 secs for two laps, 41.4 secs for three laps, 59.2 secs for four laps and 1 min 35.1 secs in winning the six laps.

He also won the standing triple jump with a leap measuring 3.62m and the vertical jump, achieving a height of 28cm.

He finished second in both speed bounce (39) and standing long jump (1.40m).

Noah Donnelly-Coles won speed bounce (41) and standing long jump (1.50m) and also achieved seven second positions in chest push (3.00m), standing triple jump (3.48m) and all four running events - clocking 27.0 secs (two laps), 42.7 secs (three laps), 61.4 (three laps) and 1 min. 35.1sesc (six laps).

Beth Hourihan won the under nine balance test (10 secs) and also came first in the chest push (3.75m).

Beth achieved a second position in vertical jump (27cms) and came third in standing long jump (1.25m).

William Thomas was runner-up in the balance test with six seconds and third in seed bounce (26) and both two laps (29.4 secs) and three laps (45.9 secs).

At under seven level, Mia Clark-Atkins won standing triple jump (3m) and standing long jump (1.25m) and also won the balance Test (6 secs).

Mia’s running performances clearly demonstrated the progress she has made since the 2017-18 sportshall season.

In the same age group, Theo Ward was fastest over two laps (29.7 secs), three laps (46.0 secs), four laps (64.5 secs) and six laps (1 min.46.2 secs) and recorded 24cm in vertical jump and 2.75m in chest push.

In a very competitive under 11 section in the main honours were shared between three boys.

Ewan Hourihan won five different events, opening with a 1.10m victory in high jump, 36.3 secs in three laps, 1 min 27.4 secs in six laps, 1.90m in standing long jump and 5.24m in standing triple jump.

A very promising speed bounce total of 72 gave Hayden Quantrill a comprehensive victory and he also crossed the line first in a close finish at the end of the four lap race (51.8 secs).

Hayden added second places in three laps (36.4 secs) and six laps (1 min 28.6 secs) and finished third in standing long jump (1.60m), standing triple jump (4.40m) and balance test (13 secs).

Jack Clark-Atkins challenged throughout the range of nine under 11 track and field events, winning the balance test with 16 secs and the chest push with a distance of 4.00m.

Jack also claimed second place in the standing long jump (1.75m), speed bounce (61), three laps (38.2 secs), four laps (55.0 secs) and six laps (1 min. 30.3 secs).

Issy Reid demonstrated her improvement by claiming second place in standing triple jump (4.56m) and third in both high jump (90 cms) and speed bounce (58).

Lloyd Thorn also cleared 90cms in high jump and recorded 38.7 secs for three laps, 56.6 secs for four laps, 1 min 30.3 secs for six laps and 1.50m in standing long jump for fourth positions.

On Saturday the first of the monthly series of Junior Cross Country Races will be held.

There are races for under nine, 11, 13 and 15 boys and girls.

Registration is at 9.30am at The B-Hive, Punchbowl Lane, Boston.