Road close the gap at top of the table

Les Feary . ENGEMN00120130325103721
Les Feary . ENGEMN00120130325103721

Carlton Road closed the gap at the top of the Orchard Orthotics Foot and Health Care Division One to just six points this week.

Their victory over Strollers, combined with the ‘Enders’s defeat to Invaders cut the margin in the Boston Indoor Bowls League’s top flight.

The Road’s Les Feary put in a run of scoring ends to lead 18-10 and maintained his ascendency to win 19-13.

Andrew Limb, Daniel Harrison and Chris Gill were level at 17 ends but scored a two on the penultimate end to win 16-15.

Invaders, in third spot, were matched against leaders Eastenders and claimed a 4-2 success.

For the leaders, Richard Vinter succeeded 14-19, but this was surpassed by Chantel Spencer, John Spencer and Scott Whyers, who picked up a count of four on the third end played, edged into the lead and stayed there for a 23-15 success.

Punchbowlers versus IBC saw the latter winnning on both rinks.

Pete Stringfellow won 19-14 and Tony Powell 26-15.

Parthians are enjoying their time in the top division and look likely to maintain their status.

Matched against an under-strength Jolly Farmers, Pete Bedford, Diane Bedford and Ann Martin won 25-12 and Elaine Edmonds, Keith Nix and Phil Markham were involved in a bit of a rollercoaster game against David Allen, winning 23-21.

Holland Fen took the aggregate points againt Red 5, Brian Boucher winning 24-13 to better Bob Lody’s 18-19.

Royal Mail’s top rink of Jo Sharp, Jill Smith and Keith Sharp have not been as successful as last season and are struggling to pick up points for the team.

Matched against A40’s Janet Vinter, Norma Barnes and Lewis Skinner they had the advantage up to end 10, but then it all went A40’s way with Lewis winning 17-11.

Meanwhile, Carol Clarke, Alan Hill and Steve Todd set off really well against Jean Cammack, holding on to win 11-14.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, leaders Nomads were on a bye week, which saw Boston Park leapfrog them.

Against Poachers’s Bob Tingey, June Bates, Tony Hill and Bernard Woods won 16-15 for the two points to move them to first place. However, Sally Tingey, Denis Robins and Mick Dodes won 11-23 for the aggregate points.

Golfers’s Graham Scarboro won 30-11 while David Marshall added a 31-13 success against Dynamics.

Vikings ended pointless against Autos.

Cosmos, in third, maintained their position when they defeated Patriarchs.

For the Patriarchs, Shamus Rooney triumphed 17-20 but, replying for the Cossies, Andrew Dunnington won 24-9.

Breakaways fell on both rinks to Feathers’s Brian Simpson, Keith Posey and Brian Sansam (23-10) and the Smith-Smith-Stones combination (17-13).

Is is all very close at the top of the Cammacks Division Three as just five points separate leaders Fairways and fifth-placed Amateurs.

The leaders were up against Saxons and finished on the losing side, Kathe Dunnett, Peter Stubley and Tracey Hodgson winning 28-15 but Fairways’s Heather Scarboro won 17-16.

The Burtons started the night in second spot but finished in third when they failed to win a point against Amateurs.

Doing well for the Amatuers team were Dave Coulson, Eileen Favell and Mick Greet, who won 26-8, while Ron Spence, Brain Martin and Tony Nixon triumphed 20-13.

Central moved up to second spot with a maximum points haul against U3, skips Fred Epton and Lee Mulholland with wins of 22-16 and 20-13.

In the lower regions of the table, Phoenix and Hotspurs shared the rink points but Hotspurs’s Robert Druce claimed the aggregate points with a success of 20-11.

Bottom team Phantoms did really well to force a drawn game with Shipmates.

Ted Vere for Shipmates won by a five shot margin 13-18 but this was matched by Kevin Rockall for Phantoms when he won 16-11.