Road remain unbeaten in Boston and Skegness EBA Bowls League

In Division One of the Boston and Skegness EBA Bowls League, Sleaford Road continued their 100 per cent record after game three,

defeating Boston BC 10-0, although all rinks were close.

Skegness Foreshore remain in pursuit with an 8-2 victory at Suncastle BC.

R. Arnold skipped the Suncastle winning rink against Ian Morris, but could not cover the big victories of Foreshore skips Paul Hudson and Gary Kitchen.

Wrangle got their first victory of the season, 8-2 at home against West End BC.

Steve Skelton and D. Peacock claimed the aggregate at the expense of Mick Dodes’ set.

In a close Division Two game, Forbes Road had one winning rink skipped by T. Hall, and that score was sufficient to get the aggregate (6-4) by one shot over the Freiston winning rinks skipped by Ivan Dilley and John Stray.

Horncastle left Skegness Town with a 10-0 success.