Road’s dead Enders

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

The Boston Indoor Bowls League’s Orchard Orthotics Foot Care top three all have fairly comfortable games to finish the season.

And it looks like the final table will see champions Eastenders folowed by Carlton Road in second and Holland Fen third.

Eastenders hit the buffers when they were defeated by the Road this week, Matt Whyers’ 18-14 win bettered by Geoff Parker’s of 22-9 for the aggregate points.

Norprint and Red 5 both picked up four points.

For Norprint, Ted Bloodworth, Chris Avison and Merv Pack won 20-11 against Punchbowlers while Red 5’s Margaret Daubney, Bill Hodges and Bob Lody secured the extra points from IBC with a win of 22-10.

Jolly Farmers proved too strong for Royal Mail as skips Sue Hoyles and David Allen triumphed 28-10 and 21-13.

Third-placed Holland Fen saw Jim Gott win 22-8, only for A40’s Jean Cammack to respond 8-26 for the extra points.

Invaders, in fourth, picked up all six against Strollers.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, Parthians picked up four points from their game with Cosmos thanks to a 31-11 from skip Pete Bedford.

And with a huge shot advantage over second-placed Breakaways, they will be crowned champions.

Breakaways beat Boston Park as Gordon Gallichan won 20-14 and Derek Butwright hung on to win 18-17.

Golfers took the extra points from Vikings thanks to a 28-7 from skip David Marshall.

Feathers and Patriarchs shared the rink points but Maureen Hunn, Fleur Simpson and Geoff Dawson triumphed 31-9, bettering Tony Beck’s 12-23.

Autos versus the Burtons was a very close game with the Autos just having the edge. Burtons’ Dave Bailey won 14-17 but Bernard Skelton replied 17-12.

In the Cammacks Division Three, leaders Dynamics couldn’t claim all six as Fairways’ Mavis Ablard, Hazel Smith and Carol Nundy forced a draw against Jonathan West.

Graham Wilkinson secured the rest of the points with a success of 20-14.

Nomads beat U3 on both rinks with scores of 20-11 and 15-11 for skips Mel Maddison and Derek Smith.

Phoenix picked up two points, but Ted Vere triumphed 15-11 for four Shipmates points.

Tryers took the aggregate points from Amateurs while Central secured all six from Bias, Fred Epton winning 17-16 and Brian Hunn 29-8.