Saturday night’s alright for boxing! Boston ABC fighters hit the road for ring action

The Boston ABC fighters in Attleborough.
The Boston ABC fighters in Attleborough.

Five Boston ABC boxers entered the squared circle on Saturday evening.

In York, Dylan Harmon was matched against local boy Davy Adams of Henry’s ABC.

The Boston ABC fighters in York.

The Boston ABC fighters in York.

Dylan boxed with good head movements that allowed him to get his powerful shots off as he slipped and slid past his oncoming attacks, claiming the split decision.

Youngster Reece Morris gained more experience against Imaam Amir of the Round One ABC club in a skills bout.

Reece demonstrated good high hands that didn’t allow his taller opponent to penetrate his guard.

In Attleborough, Arturs Bantersons, boxed in his first contest against local lad Arreton Thompson.

A good back and forth battle ensued with both boys having their success, Arturs looking to be in control at range with Thompson having his say on the inside.

Club captain Coby Brown was matched against another home fighter in Tyler Bolingbroke.

Coby was fast out of the traps, delivering his sharp combinations but struggled to find his range.

The decision went against Coby on this occasion in a close bout.

Connor Brazil continues to show why there is a lot of excitement about the new recruit, fighting with a calmness in his bout against home fighter Lewis Nagle.

Connor used his patience to good effect as he waited for his opponent to come into range and throw where he would explode quickly with hurtful combination shots and move out of range again.

The Boston contingent felt Connor had done enough, it wasn’t to be, the judges awarding the bout to Nagle, whose marked face told a story.