Sears claims Lakes’s Autumn Classic title

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Luke Sears was crowned the Westwood Lakes Daiwa Autumn Classic champion for 2018 following the three-day match.

He finished with four points and a total weight of 241lb 8oz to see off the challenges of runner-up Andy Bennett and third-placed Ryan lidguard, who both also recorded more than 200lbs last week.

Overall results: 1 Luke Sears 241lbs 8oz, 4pts; 2 Andy Bennett 202lbs 10oz, 5pts; 3 Ryan Lidguard 200lbs 8oz, 5pts; 4 Carl Lee Hopps 162lbs 6oz, 5pts; 5 Chris Weddle 149lbs 8oz, 5pts.

Sections: Day One: Osprey Lake winner - Rob Pennington 102lbs 4oz; Skylark Lake winner - Chris Lattimer 91lbs 0oz; Falcon Lake winner - Steve Parry 88lbs 8oz. Day Two: Osprey Lake winner - Luke Sears 99lbs 2oz; Skylark Lake winner - Andy Bennett 175lbs 0oz; Falcon Lake winner - Chris Weddle 75lbs 0oz. Day Three: Osprey Lake winner - Adam Southgate 38lbs 10oz; Skylark Lake winner - Jack Danby 196lbs 4oz; Falcon Lake winner - Ryan Lidgard 59lbs 12oz.