Shoddys defeat BSC

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Shodfriars 20 beat BSC 1 5-3 in the Boston Snooker League’s Drury’s Estate Agents Super League.

Carl Rowe and Tom Hill drew with Bren Bowman and Craig Fitter before Joe Welch beat Graham Cripsey.

The final frames saw Darren Christian and Mark Pickworth draw.

BSC 4 beat BSC 10 5-3. Danny Horgan drew with Carl Baily, Craig Lee lost to Dan Burt, Barry Cox beat Nick Hanson, Louis Hoyles beat Rick Ladds.

BSC 13 and BSC 3 drew 4-4. All matches were drawsas Adam Cartwright-Nigel Robinson, Adam Brackenbury-Neil Hutson, Tom Crozier-Chris Ellis and S. Cartwright-Andy Swan couldn’t find a winner.

BSC 2 beat Cons 1 5-3. Gary Charlton beat Des Forbes before Dan Hurling, Lee Ford and Grant Marshall drew with Paul Goodacre, Paul Tether and Paul Revell respectively.

Breaks: D. Christian 46, G. Cripsey 40, B. Bowman 38, J. Welch 36, L. Hoyles 32.

In the Ocean Chinese Takeaway Premier League, BSC 5 beat Cons 2 6-2.

Shane Batey beat Keith Carrington, Sam Hill and Gary Middleton drew, Daley Richardson beat Dale Sawer and Sam Dawson drew with Dave Whyler.

BSC 8 and BSC 16 drew as Shaun Dunmore and Brett Skinner, Steve Greensmith and Andy Lawrence, Adam Norton and David Cutting and Gary Dunmore and Paul Spencerall drew.

Kirton Leisure 9 beat BSC 19 5-3. C. Onley and Luke Christian drew, Mark Ferguson was beaten by Robin Alexander, Chrissy Allwood beat Nick Harwood and Carl Manning beat John Neary.

BSC 11 beat BSC 12 6-2. Vince Fitter lost to Alan Laws before John Sharpe, Luke Arons and Matt Bradbury all beat Eamon Taylor, Simon Wood and Graham Day respectively.

Breaks: S. Greensmith 23, B. Skinner 23, G. Dunmore, S. Batey 22, J. Sharpe 22, G. Day 22, A. Norton, J. Neary 20.

The Cotts Builders and Contractors Division One saw Cons 4 and Cons 5 draw.

S. Richardson beat Alan Haycock, J. Clarke and Nathan Yardley drew, as did Lee Clayton and Bill Spooner while Derek Wood pulled two back for the 5, beating J. Traves.

Shodfriars 3 and Kirton Leisure 5 also drew. All matches were drawn between G. Snade and Jamie Brinkley, Richard Crunkhorn and Steve Sharp, Colin Woodcock and Julian Furnell and Jim Ely and Andy Bush.

Cons 6 beat BSC 15 6-2. Ben Wrigglesworth beat Chris Vere, Matt Povey drew with Jamie Rushin, Chris Spencer beat T. Cammack, Matt Turner drew with Stu Holland.

Breaks: M. Turner 28, D. Wood 25, R. Crunkhorn 25, S. Richardson 24, C. Hirst 24, J. Furnell 23, G. Hallgarth 22.

In the Sam Dawson Building Services Division Two, BSC 7 beat BSC 9 5-3.

S. Easton drew with Callum Simmons, Kev Hirst and N. Cock drew, Jason Pocklington beat S. Cock and Chris Hirst and G.Hallgarth drew.

West End Bowls beat BSC 17 5-3. D. Green drew with Paul Leary, Roger Mason lost to Jimmy Birtwhistle, Carl Mason beat Jim Hartley and J. Bell beat Connor Charlton.

BSC 6 beat Graves Park 6-2. Paul Argyle beat J. Hodgson, Mike Deal beat C. Hall, Gordon Russell drew with Ged Hall, as did Alan Traynor and J.Clarke.

Breaks: G. Russell 28, J. Bell 26, C. Mason 24.