Silver lining for Finch at the Haringey Box Cup

Tommy Upsall (right) with Castles.
Tommy Upsall (right) with Castles.

Boston ABC’s Adrianna Finch claimed a silver medal at the Haringey Box Cup this weekend.

The event, held at Alexandra Palace, featured hundreds of fighters from across Europe.

After reaching the final, Finch found herself squaring up to face fellow England teammate Demi-Jade Raszten, from New Astley ABC.

The two know each other well and Raszten instantly attempted to drag Finch into a fight.

Realising her opponent changed tactics, Finch did likewise.

In a tough battle, the Boston boxer saw her headguard ripped away by her opponent at one stage, while Raszten was also warned for holding on three separate occasions.

Round three saw the Boston girl suffer a point deduction which was to end her challenge while the final round saw both girls battle to the end, but the gold medal was awarded to the New Astley fighter.

In her semi-final, Finch defeated Kerry Anne Aaron of the Army boxing team.

Aaron was 11 years Finch’s senior but an offensive start from the Bostonian paid dividends.

Finch’s backhand was having great sucess as three consective assaults forced Aaron to retreat on three occasions as Finch was awarded a unanymous decision.

Boston ABC’s Tommy Upsall also competed at the three day event.

After weighing in on the money he was drawn against Billy Castles of Brighton & Hove ABC.

Castles was 15 years younger than the Bostonian.

Upsall is never afraid to box anyone anyhere and this was no exception.

Castles came out all guns blazing in the first round, but found Upsall to be a challenge to break down.

The second round was a much slower round as the Boston corner felt that Castles had over extended his efforts in the first round.

Castles decided to use closer offensive efforts, but this suited Upsall.

The third round was the Boston pugilist’s best, as Castles had no answer to the vastly experienced campaigner, but loss of a point deduction handed a unanimous decision to Castles.

Pictured are Upsall (right) and Castles.