Simpson retains his Western Centre title

Mickie Simpson.
Mickie Simpson.

Mickie Simpson has retained his Western Centre Championship title.

After a torrid start to the season with broken chains, bike flips and a fuel problem that robbed him of retaining his British Grasstrack title, the Wrangle youngster arrived at Ledbury aiming to get back on track.

Mickie didn’t get the best of starts in race one and was fifth going into the first turn.

But after some great racing he fought his way to the front, going around most in the first turn to take his opening win of the day.

Race two saw him chase the leaders down for another victory.

The third race saw Jordan Derrick clip Mickie’s back wheel, fetching Jordan off and Kai Ward having to lay it down to avoid the rider, bringing a halt to the race.

In the re-run Mickie was running second to Cameron Taylor before he dived under him to take the lead.

He then hit a big bump, nearly throwing him off, as Cameron re-took the lead.

Going into the last lap, Mickie went to go round Cameron before he straightend up in the corner himself.

Mickie’s quick actions got the bike turned to cut back under Cameron to hold on for his third win.

A comfortable second in race four was enough for Mickie to be crowned Western Centre champion.