Skills bout tests Marcinkevicius

Gab Marcinkevicius.
Gab Marcinkevicius.

Boston Town ABC boxer Gab Marcinkevicius travelled to face Scunthorpe’s Clayton Lowther in a skills contest.

In the first round the home-town fighter came out firing, giving everything he had. But the Boston youngster kept on the back foot, spinning off and countering Clayton’s shots and making him miss.

In the second round the Scunthorpe lad was a bit more cagey and waited for Marcinkevicius to throw punches first.

Marcinkevicius pushed forward more in the second round but Clayton was out-powered and had to resort to trying to keep the Boston Town boxer at bay.

The third and final round saw Marcinkevicius go back to working on the outside, picking his punches carefully and putting on a very skilled and controlled performance, finishing the skills bout strongly.