Snooker league turns attention to Team Knockout

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

In the Acorn Taxis Boston Snooker League, Premier League BSC 16 hosted Super League veterans BSC 2 in the first round of the Team Knockout.

Pete Grooby (-14) gave BSC 2 the perfect start when he comfortably beat the 16’s Stanley Matthews (scratch).

Leading by 106 points, Gary Charlton (-14) went on next for the 2.

Brett Skinner (+4) managed to win, but only reduced the deficit to 92 points.

Grant Marshall (-24) was on next for the 2. Paul Spencer (+10) again took the win, but could only reduce the deficit by 12 points.

With 80 points to protect, Tom Brazil (+10) went on and beat David Cutting (+10) 83-82.

This gave BSC 2 an 81-point victory, and passage through to the last 16 with a final score of 524-443.

Division Two’s BSC 21 hosted Premier League side Cons 5. Hayden Roberts (+14) and Alan Haycock (-7) started proceedings, Haycock putting Cons 5 31 points into the lead with a scrappy victory.

Jim Hartley (+7) reduced the arrears to 16 points, when he defeated Nathan Yardley (scratch).

Thomas Vamplew (+7) and Bill Spooner (+14) could not be split in their match, leaving the points difference as 16 in favour of Cons 5.

The final match saw Jamie Traves (+4) battle Alan Yardley (+7). Yardley came out victor by 91 points to 73, meaning Cons 5 advanced to the last 16 by 35 points and an overall score of 416-381.

Super League BSC 3 hosted highflying Premier League side Cons 6. Chris Ellis (-14) was on first for BSC against Ben Wrigglesworth (-17).

In a match that went back and forth, Ellis gave BSC a 13-point lead.

Mark Day (-14) was on next against Chris Spencer (-14). In another close match, Spencer managed to turn the tide and give Cons a three-point lead at the half-way point.

Nigel Robinson (-21) took on Paul Raymond (-10) next. After an even start, Robinson ran out a comfortable winner and gave BSC a substantial lead of 69 points.

Going in to the last match, Andy Swan (-21) looked to protect the lead and guide BSC 3 through to the next round.

Craig Lee (-17) had other ideas.

Lee ate in to the deficit straight away with a 25 break.

After the first frame Lee had turned being 69 points behind, to 16 in front.

The second frame was more of a nervy affair. After some much-needed safety play, Lee came out victor by 31 points, putting Cons 6 in to the next round, the final score 452-421.

It was battle of two Super League teams as last year’s Team Knockout runners-up Cons 7 hosted Donington 1.

Nigel Salmon (-17) gave Cons the ideal start when he defeated Donington hot shot Craig Fitter (-42) by 91 points.

Stuart Atkin (-28) reduced the arrears when he beat Paul Goodacre (scratch) by 68 points.

Mike Knight (-17) then reduced the deficit further when he beat Dean Simmons (-4) in a very close match.

Going in to the final match, Cons 7 had a slender lead of 10 points. Charlie Rolfe (-10) was on for Cons while Sean Swinburn (-32) was on for Donington.

In a close final match, it was Swinburn who came out victor by 38 points, giving Donington the overall victory 499-470.

The top two sides in Division One met as Graves Park hosted Cons 3.

Graham Johnson (scratch) gave Cons the perfect start and a 52-point lead, when he defeated Ged Hall (+10).

Scot Gray )-4) made Cons’ advantage up to 60 points when he battled past John Hodgson (+10).

John Clarke (+4) reduced the arrears to 21 points when he defeated Paddy Kearns (+7).

Martin Hodgson (-10) turned the match on its head when he defeated Peter Epton (scratch) by 51 points.

This gave Graves Park the win and place in the next round 471-441.

Division One side Cons 2 hosted Super League’s BSC 11 in a very close battle.

Keith Carrington (+10) gave Cons the ideal start when he defeated Josh Fell (-7).

Gary Middleton (scratch) then made the lead a healthy 61 points to Cons when he defeated John Sharp (-10).

Luke Arons (-10) then reduced the deficit to 33 points when he defeated Cons’ Dale Sawer (-10).

Cons’ Dave Whyler (scratch) and BSC’s Marco Carvalho (+21) went on last to decide the tie.

It was BSC who came out victors in the end as Carvalho managed to win his match by 47 points, giving BSC the win 486-472.

Premier League BSC 10 hosted Division Two West End. Kev Stait (scratch) gave West End the slenderest of leads as he beat Rick Ladds (-17) by two points.

Carl Baily (-14) then put BSC in the lead by 51 points as he comfortably defeated Darryl Green (+14).

Liam South (+4) made the lead 60 points as he battled past Carl Mason (+4) in a close match.

Nick Hanson (-10) was beaten by John Bell (scratch). However, the margin was too big for West End to claw back and BSC 10 advanced 480-422.

Premier League Shodfriars 3 advanced to the last 16 at the expense of Division Two BSC 6.

Russ Snade (-7) gave Shods a 45-point lead against Gordon Russell (+7). Alan Traynor (+7) could only pull one point back when he just beat Dan Collins (-7).

Paul Creasey (scratch) then managed to put BSC 6 four points in the lead when he breezed past Dick Crunkhorn (+7).

Jim Ely (scratch) gave Shods 3 the victory when he defeated Mike Deal (-4) by 24 points, the overall score being 446-422.

Division One side Kirton 1 hosted Premier League BSC 8. Stefan Taylor (-7) gave BSC a 20-point lead as he disposed of Adam Gurton (+4). Kev Lymer (+4) then moved Kirton 34 points in the lead with victory over Steve Greensmith (-4).

Shaun Dunmore (-7) put BSC in to a huge lead of 71 points after he beat Wayne Burton (+4).

Ian Parnell (-7) pulled 31 points back as he beat Adam Norton (-7).

But the deficit was too big and BSC 8 advanced 453-413.