Strollers pick up the pace to beat printers

Sue Simpson-Shaw.
Sue Simpson-Shaw.

There were three close games in the early session of the Boston Indoor Bowls League’s Orchard Health Group Division One.

In the lower regions of the table, Strollers were matched against Norprint and the game produced an overall result of 34-33 in Strollers’ favor.

Norprint had the overall advantage for two thirds of the game but higher team Strollers levelled the scores at 16 ends and went on to score six shots to the Printers’ five to claim the win.

For Norprint, Barbara Kenny, Dick Vinter and Geoff Taylor won 17-19 while, replying for Strollers, Jean Woods, June Bates and Bernard Woods triumphed 17-14.

A40 versus second-placed Eastenders saw the Enders take maximum points.

The game did not start too well for A40, but they worked hard to retrieve the situation.

Jean Cammack, trailing 15-17 at 19 ends to Andrew Reeson, finally lost 15-20 and Pauline Richardson, 14-15 down at 16 ends, lost 14-18 to Paul Flatters.

IBC, like A40, just fell short against third-placed Holland Fen.

For IBC, Dennis Ellis, Tony Powell and Richard White, 9-9 at 12 ends against Mick Tomlin, dropped counts of 3-2 on ends 13 and 14 and that crucially secured the game for the Fenmen, who went on to win 15-20.

IBC’s Ted Bourne, Stan Lawrence and Colin Box pushed the Fenmen’s skip Jim Gott, who was grateful to get off the green with a winning scorecard of 16-17.

Red 5 versus Punchbowlers saw the underdogs Red 5 win the lion’s share of the points.

For the Bowlers, Iris Reeson, Bunny Reeson and Dave Gill, trailing 16-9, recovered well to win 18-21 against Bob Lody.

Replying for Red 5, Colin Price, Mandy Cook and Ian Smith went into the lead on end five which they did not relinquish, and posted a winning scorecard of 25-14 for four points.

Invaders versus Royal Mail saw the rink points shared.

Invaders’ Pete Hoyles, Ian Tebbs and Rod West were never behind against Keith Sharp and won 25-10, which gained them four points.

Adam Hodgson, Nathan Dunnington and Scott Whyers let two points drift away with a loss of 14-15.

Top-of-the-league Carlton Road found Jolly Farmers in top form and a close game ensued, with the leaders winning the aggregate points by just one shot.

This saw their lead at the top reduced to four points.

Doing the damage for the Farmers were David Allen, Rita Epton and Sue Hoyles, who defeated Pete Clark, Daniel Harrison and Chris Gill 11-20.

Replying for the leaders, Ian Clark, Sue Simpson Shaw and Les Feary picked up two counts of five in the first four ends played to lead 10-7.

The Farmers’ trio of Ray Reeson, Joe Moore and Tom Richardson had a slight advantage at eight ends when they led 10-11.

At 13 ends it was all square 13-13, but then a run of scoring ends saw the leaders build up a lead to go ahead 25-13 and the final result was 25-15, nevertheless a good performance from the Farmers.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, leaders Parthians were matched against third-placed Poachers, the latter winning four of the six points at stake.

For the leaders Pete Bedford won 10-22 and, replying for Poachers, Doreen Sharp, Eric Ulyatt and Mick Dodes, 16-10 ahead, did not give the Parthians captain Keith Nix another scoring opportunity as they triumphed 28-10.

This meant Parthians dropped to second, leapfrogged by Breakaways.

Breakaways beat Vikings as Jan Currie, Ann Jackson and Gordon Gallichan won 27-11 and Derek Butwright, Lorraine Stevens and Ivan Dilley were victorious 22-17.

An unexpected result was recorded when bottom-of-the-table Burtons beat Cosmos.

Gordon Goringe, Bill Daubney and Dave Bailey won 20-17 against Bob Thompson while the Young-Marshall-Hill trio did not score on the first two ends played but won all of the following ends to succeed 28-4 for an outstanding result.

Golfers took all six points from Patriarchs.

Ron Spence, David Smith and David Marshall secured a win of 14-6 while Ron Hulley, Mick Nundy and Graham Scarboro claimed the rest of the points with a win of 21-16.

Autos versus Feathers found the latter in good form to win all the points.

Marie Smith, Fleur Simpson and Geoff Dawson had a comfortable win of 22-9 and Brian Simpson, Keith Posey and Brian Sansam succeeded 19-11.

In the Cammacks Division Three, the top three all dropped points.

Leaders Dynamics were matched against fourth-placed Nomads.

For Nomads, Derek Smith picked up a hotshot on his way to a win of 12-17 while, replying for Dynamics, Graham Wilkinson triumphed 27-13 for four points, which widened the gap on their closest rivals.

Second-placed Fairways finished pointless against Central.

Fred Epton, for Central, won 21-10 and Brian Hunn scored a last end count of five to win 17-13.

Amateurs, in third spot, shared the rink points with Shipmates, but it was Shipmates who won the additional points at stake thanks to Pat Pitts, Richard Sharp and Ray Robinson with a win of 16-11, which covered the reply from Amateurs’ Mick Greet (16-18).

Bottom team Bias would be pleased with their result against Hotspurs, albeit by the closest of margins.

For Hotspurs, Alan Warne triumphed 15-8.

Replying for Bias, Ian Atkin, Dave Clark and Barrie Trigg were never behind and succeeded 10-18.

Tryers shared rink points with U3, with the Tryers winning the extra points thanks to a strong finish when they picked up 15 shots without reply.

For U3, Carol Burge, Vera and Ray Thorold won 17-21.

The Tryers, trio of Martin Puttick, Peter Isaacs and Peter Sharman 24-9.

The Annual Marston Brewery Christmas Tournament was won by Carol Dowse, Nick Whitmore-Brown, Alan Clark and Mark Brown, with Iris Reeson, Bunny Reeson, Stan Lawrence and Arnold Bennett the runners-up.