Tennis girls claim their county title

The Aegon Men's First team, with Greg Rusedski.
The Aegon Men's First team, with Greg Rusedski.

Boston Tennis Club’s Men’s First team have been beaten in the Aegon Team Tennis competition.

Following two early victories in the competition, the team of Lewis Fisher, Felix Beech, Sam Kemp and David Cheer were beaten 1-5 at Northampton, Fisher winning his singles at number one.

Boston’s Seconds remain unbeaten in the county’s second division after Sam Borbe, Simon Bush, Zach McDonnell-Woods and Marcel Hernandez beat Deepings 4-2.

The Ladies’ Firsts - Emma Mastin, Charlotte Priestley, Chloe Robinson and Ashleigh Frankish - beat Tennis Buddies 4-2 in the Aegon Lincolnshire Division One.

The under 16 girls are the 2015 county champions after a 4-2 win over Burton Waters for Charlotte Priestley, Isabelle Hunt, Hattie Needham and Faith Coffey.

In the younger Aegon sections, the Orange A team’s Isabel Wookey, Lois Boothby, James Burrell and Hannah Willis did not lose a rubber as they beat Grantham A.

The team then faced Boston Orange B on Sunday morning.

With Paul Aranin replacing James Burrell, who this time headed up Boston B, along with Will Shears, Katie Wood and James Gedney, the A won 14-6.

Boston B - Will Shears, Katie Wood, James Gedney and Emily Stukins - beat Louth Indoor 16-4.

The Orange C team - Jessica Stephens, Daniels Goreliks, William Tawton and Lily Lakin - lost out 4-16 to Horncastle.

The Boston Aegon Red team - Emily Stukins, James Gedney, Jacob Felipes and William Pettitt - beat Grantham 9-7.

The Green A team - William Cheer, Alice Gamman, Rebecca Dickens and Serena Morrow - beat Grantham A 8-4.

Boston’s under 16 boys - Jake Sherrick, Thomas Cozens, Toby McDonnell-Woods, Harry Foster - beat the B team of Michael Niedermeier, Connall Newton, Robert Hayes and Nicholas Hart.

Boston under 16s D lost out to Spalding, the team including Pamod Piyatissa, Alex Pinchin, Joseph McGarel and Siddhart Anand.