Top three all pick up maximum points in bowls league title chase

Rod West and Scott Whyers.
Rod West and Scott Whyers.

The top three all picked up maximum points in the Boston Indoor Bowls League’s Orchard Orthotics Health and Foot Care Division One.

Leaders Eastenders had no problems winning 53-13 against Red 5 while Carlton Road, in second, defeated IBC 37-21.

Even with new signing Rod Dunn on board the defeat was predictable for IBC.

Invaders, after last week’ss defeat to the leaders, bounced back to win on both rinks against Parthians.

Chantal Spencer, John Spencer and Rod West won 27-7 and Scott Whyers, Adam Hodgson and Ian Tebbs triumphed 28-11.

A40 won six points last week and repeated the feat against Punchbowlers.

Jake Hewinson, Mark Freemantle and Maggie Kisby rushed into a 10-2 lead and posted a 21-13 winning scorecard while Janet Vinter, Norma Barnes and Arnold Bennett won 20-11.

In the bottom two places, Strollers and Royal Mail tied their game. Strollers’s Mick Hippisley won 19-18 against Keith Sharp but Alan Hill, for the Mail, replied 21-20.

A surprise result was the margin Holland Fen defeated Jolly Farmers by. Brian Boucher won 30-11 against Joe Moore and Eric Dilnot succeeded 22-16 against in-form Sue Hoyles.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, Vikings may be bottom of the league but they are still fighting four points.

Matched against Patriarchs they won overall 46-36 for four points.

Boston Park closed the gap on Nomads down to just two points. Against Cosmos, Bernard Woods tied 13-13 against Bob Thompson and Alan Batchelor triumphed 21-9 against Andrew Dunnington.

The leaders had to be content with a tied game and three points. Making things hard for Nomads were Feathers. For Nomads, Ken Burr won 14-12 while, replying for Feathers, Keith Stones won 18-16.

Looking to put pressure on the top two, Breakaways and Autos slipped further behind. Breakaways lost on both rinks to the Golfers, who are now only one point behind them, the Golfers winning overall 42-23.

Autos matched against Poachers lost a very close game 29 -28. Tom Freeston’s 17-11 success for the Autos was surpassed by Mick Dodes, for Poachers, who triumphed 18-11.

Autos and Breakaways are now looking out of contention for a promotion spot.

The Cammacks Division Three leaders Fairways were on a bye week but closest rivals Central made sure they did not fall behind further when they picked up all six points from Phoenix.

Fred Epton won 16-7 and Brian Hunn gave his opposition few scoring ends to win 34-4.

The Burtons, in third, lessened their chances of promotion when they dropped two points to the Hotspurs. Doing the damage for Hotspurs were the trio of Brown-Robinson-Manning who won 17-11.

Winning four points for the Burtons was Gordon Goringe, Bill Daubney and Chris Hill with a win of 29-8.

Amateurs versus U3 saw the former winning all the points. Dave Coulson, Eileen Favell and Mick Greet pulled away to succeed 19-14. Brian Martin, Tony Nixon and Ron Spence triumphed 23-10.

The Saxons versus Shipmates saw the Saxons lifting the points. Kathy Dunnett, Phil Stubley and Tony Hall won 19-11 while Wendy King, Pete Isaac and Pete Sharman won 16-10.

Phantoms versus Bias saw higher team Bias winning all the points with an overall success of 43-19.