Town ABC trio on Cleethorpes bill

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The Boston Town ABC trio. q4xFPhHktLxK48QqalIP

Boston Town ABC boxers were fighting in Cleethorpes on Friday night.

Logan Lannan made his debut against Cleethorpes’s Joel Auty in a skills bout.

The home-town boxer came out strongly, throwing straight shots and trying to stun Logan.

But he settled into the fight with ease, using good head movement and countering punches against the talented Cleethorpes lad.

Both boxers threw good combinations and had their equal share of success during the bout.

Another skills contest saw Shourn Harber face Harvey Lond of Fusion ABC.

Shourn started the bout using his jab effectively, his most dominant shot throughout the round.

The second saw Shourn keeping it simple, yet effective, throwing straight shots down the middle and keeping the Fusion boxer at distance.

The final round saw Harber gain more confidence, setting Harvey up with his jab to throw an accurate and effective backhand.

Both lads performed really well and Shourn will now confidently progress to his first fight.

Another skills bout saw Elvis Zalkauskas meet Skegness ABC boxer Alfie Stefanski.

Both lads started cautiously, taking time to find their range and pick effective shots.

The Skegness boxer caught Elvis with strong straight backhands, using his height advantange.

This made Elvis step up his game, pushing the Skegness boxer back with strong effective punches.

Elvis will be back in action again on March 16.