Trio win £5k qualifiers at Westwood

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Kevin Clarke, Bob Smith and Steve Lane have all won recent qualifying heats for the Westwood Lakes £5k match.

Lane won last Tuesday’s qualifier, with Smith winning on Bank Holiday Monday and Clarke succeeding a day earlier.


May 29, Falcon Lake (22 anglers): 1 Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes) peg 20, 112lb 6oz; 2 Gareth Mills (Westwood Lakes) peg 4, 108lb 14oz; 3 John Gooden (Westwood Lakes Glamour Boys) peg 48, 99lb 4oz; 4 Kevin Clarke (Westwood Lakes) peg 8, 90lb 4oz; 5 Paul Porter (Westwood Lakes) peg 12, 89lb 8oz.

May 28, Osprey Lake (16 anglers): 1 Bob Smith (Westwood Lakes) peg 3, 164lb 6oz; 2 Mick Stamp (Preston Innovations/Sonu Baits) peg 14, 149lb 12oz; 3 Janusz Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) peg 21, 136lb 14oz; 4 Wanye Sewards (Great Yarmouth) peg 9, 133lb 8oz; 5 Alistar Oglive (Sensas Starlets) peg 18, 126lb 5oz.

May 27, Skylark Lake (28 anglers): 1 Kevin Clarke (Westwood Lakes) peg 38, 147lb 7oz; 2 Janusz Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) peg 35, 137lb 0oz; 3 Mick Balls (Westwood Lakes) peg 3, 118lb 8oz; 4 Martin Kirk (Westwood Lakes) peg 23; 103lb 6oz; 5 Gary Peak (Westwood Lakes) peg 25, 100lb 6oz.

Brian Thompson won the Over 50s Open Match on May 24.

Twenty-five anglers took to Kestrel and Hawk Lakes.

Results: 1 Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes), Kestrel peg 11, 106lb 0oz; 2 Mick Morgan (Westwood Lakes) Hawk peg 15, 104lb 8oz; 3 George Knight (Burt Baits/Tri-cast) Hawk peg 10, 83lb 12oz; 4 Kev Wilson (Westwood Lakes) Hawk peg, 83lb 0oz; 5 Lance Chubb (Westwood Lakes) Kestrel peg 7, 71lb 0oz.