Tulips give Sapphires the blues in netball league

Boston Netball League action.
Boston Netball League action.

For their third game of the Winter Netball League, Tulips Blue took on Belles Sapphires in the hope they could produce another win.

The first quarter started at a strong pace, the ball being passed beautifully between the centre court players and the shooters, who scored eight goals between them.

At the other end of the court, the defence worked well to only concede three goals.

The second quarter saw the Tulip’s captain reach for the ice pack after a little tumble on court, forcing Tulips to pull together and re-jig their positions slightly.

However, this was no cause for concern for the newly-established team as at half time the score rested at 15-5 to the Tulips.

The curse of the third quarter was not present for Tulips today as they proved how well they work together and were able to keep possession for the majority of play, also making many significant interceptions.

The final quarter was where Tulips came into their own with the shooters scoring 15 goals - making the final score for the night 38-11 to the Tulips, a very well deserved win.

Throughout all four quarters the Belles team came out fighting, trying hard to gain possession of the ball and deliver it to their shooting circle, and when they did the shooters scored some very impressive goals, but any errors the Belles made was quickly picked up by the Tulips and utilised to their advantage.

The Belles Sapphires defence duo of goal keeper and goal defence, strived hard to keep the shooters out of the circle as much as possible but the Tulips players were just a stronger more organised team.

Results: Belles Sapphire 11 Tulips Blue 38, Boltz Black 29 Flinders Flyers 15, Boltz Blue 27 Sleaford Storm 29, Boltz Silver 42 Bullettes Raiders 20, Belles Ruby 22 Tulips Yellow 15, Boston Boltz Pink 26 Flexi Birds Eagles 15, Boltz Purple 12 Bullettes Steelers 30, Boltz Red 26 Flexi Birds Falcons 11, Boston Boltz Sky 7 Bullettes Vandals 57.