Unanimous decision for Boston Town Gab

Gab Marcinkevicius with coach Jim Finch. kBuU-rwi2jY-OziZKkX8
Gab Marcinkevicius with coach Jim Finch. kBuU-rwi2jY-OziZKkX8

Boston Town ABC fighters have been in action in recent weeks.

Gab Marcinkevicius met Abdul Hasseb from Phoenix ABC in Nottingham.

The Boston Town fighter started strongly coming foward using his range to full effect and switching it up when he had to.

The home boxer tried to pressure Gab (pictured with coach Jim Finch) but the Boston fighter countered back with double the amount of punches.

In the third round both lads came out firing and the Phoenix fighter began catching Gab, leaving him no choice but to take centre and trade punches.

It was the Boston Town ABC boxer who was awarded the unanimous points decision.

Elvis Zalkauskas competed in his first-ever skills bout against Dom Derazza in Aylsham.

The first round saw the Boston fighter starting of cautiously, struggling to find his range against the taller pressure fighter.

Things equalled up in the second round with both lads trading combinations and throwing lots of punches.

The third round saw both lads pick up the pace and Elvis gain more confidence to come foward, catching Derazza with straight backhands down the middle.