Visit from the EIBA President

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

English Indoor Bowling Association president Mark Cohen brought a team to Boston Indoor Bowling Club to celebrate their 80th anniversary last week.

The team representing Boston did really well to record a win of 115-98.

This was followed by a meal, also attended by deputy Mayor of Boston, Coun Yvonne Stevens.

Boston men’s B team played against Lincoln B and won 14 of the 18 points available.

The best winning rink for Boston was Bill Exton, Terry Darbyshire, Graham Scarboro an Mark Brown (29-12).

Away at Skegness the team went down 15 -3. Keith Nix skipped his rink to victory and Derek Smith drew.

Boston’s Egham Trophy team fell to Stamford.

Two rinks travelled to Stamford and two played at home.

Away at Stamford, Jonathan West and Richard Vinter did well with an overall win of 42-38 but the game was lost on the home green as Scott Whyers won by a close margin 25-22 , but Les Feary fell 15-29 for an overall loss of 82-89.