Well-earned victory for Town boxer Gab

Gab Marcinkevicius 3YMCxZbZDbhFui-8T_Mn
Gab Marcinkevicius 3YMCxZbZDbhFui-8T_Mn

Gab Marcinkevicius recorded victory against home-town fighter Charlie McGlynn in Scunthorpe.

The first round saw the Boston Town youngster start how he meant to go on, holding the centre of the ring, pressuring the Scunthorpe fighter back and taking him out of his comfort zone.

Whatever McGlynn threw Gab’s way he had an answer for, always getting the last punch off and making it clear for the judges to see that the Boston fighter was there for the win.

The second round saw the Scunthorpe ABC boxer come out more cagey and retreat on the back foot, not wanting to get caught by Gab’s fast punches.

Like the first round, Gab remained relaxed no matter what was thrown his way, once again finishing the round strongly.

The third round saw both boxers come out fighting, neither of them wanting to lose and both knowing how important this last round was to claim the win.

Both fighters stood toe-to-toe, trading punches and combinations.

But it was Gab who was getting the more vital scoring punches which lead him to claim the well-earned victory.