Wells is the top rod

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Roy Wells won the Tuesday Open at Westwood Lakes last week.

Sixteen anglers took to Swallow Lake on a cold morning.

Results: 1 Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes) peg 14, 118lb 14oz; 2 Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes) peg 11, 111lb 8oz; 3 Rick Oljbeck (Commerical Team Albergen) peg 6, 92lb 10oz.

Sunday’s Open was won by Lee Feary on Falcon Lake, with 38 anglers taking part.

Results: 1 Lee Feary (Westwood Lakes) peg 6, 110lb 3oz; 2 Martin Kirk (Westwood Lakes) peg 47, 106lb 14oz; 3 Adam Swain (Matrix/Dynamite Baits) peg 3, 99lb 10ozz.

Mick Stamp won Monday’s Open as 16 anglers competed on Falcon Lake.

Results: 1 Mick Stamp (Preston innovations/Sonu Baits) peg 11, 135lb 14oz; 2 Lionel Elding (Westwood Lakes) peg 20, 134lb 10oz; 3 Kev Wilson (Westwood Lakes) peg 15, 113lb 10oz.