Wheeler Maddy Dares2 claim cycle victory

Maddy Verdegaal.
Maddy Verdegaal.

Boston Wheelers’ Maddy Verdegaal has continued her fine form after the Ladies Tour de Yorkshire with victory in the Dare2B Thoresby CiCLE Fest.

After copmpleting the hard-fought race in first, Maddy said: “I’m getting the hang of this racing thing now.

“However, my celebration on the other hand needs a bit of work.”

Prior to her victory, Maddy competed in two further events, claiming third at the Norwich Lotus Cars League and second, following a strong sprint, at Milton Keynes.

Eight members of the Boston Wheelers CC Ladies’ Green Team competed at the Louth Meridian Sportive.

The ladies have been training hard for the London Prudential 100 in August, where they will be raising funds for diabetes charity JDRF.

Jenny Briley had a puncture at eight miles and Val Smith had to have her gears repaired by the mobile mechanic, but there were still plenty of positives for the team - with many riders recording personal best times despite the tough hills.

The long route (92 miles) was completed by Jenny Briley (7 hrs 08 mins 09 secs), Val Smith (8 hrs 15 mins 11 secs) and Debbie Winrow (7 hrs 08 mins 10 secs).

Completing the medium (55 miles) course were Jenny Carr (5 hrs 09 mins 47 secs), Sharon Jenkins (4 hrs 32 mins 52 secs), Victoria Plaice (5 hrs 06 mins 02 secs), Jessica Wilkinson (5 hrs 09 mins 44 secs) and Sarah Wilkinson (5 hrs 05 mins 35 secs).

The first race in the Boston Wheelers’ 10-mile Time Trial League saw defending champion Earl Taylor determined to carry on where he left off.

He took first place with a time of 23 mins 58 secs, ahead of runner-up Darren Smith (24-24).

Other results: Martin White 25-05, Nick Chapman 25-22, Dan Carr 25-42, Simon Plaice 25-48, Maddy Verdegaal 26-08, Pete Flint 28-26, Jonathan Self 28-46, Julie Ellis 29-01, Paul Winrow 30-14, Simon Price 30-23, Leigh Burgess 30-15, Sam Trotter 32-17 (junior), Helen Bartholomew 35-14.

Private Trials: Richard Hamblin (Sleaford Wheelers) 22-20 and Paul Rymer 32-41.