White Sox stamp out Blaze to win A League

Boston Netball League action from July 4. Photo: David Dales.
Boston Netball League action from July 4. Photo: David Dales.

The Boston Netball Summer League came to a close last Thursday - and it did not disappoint.

All five of the courts were utilised as each team playing were fully aware that this was their last chance to better their finishing position in their respective leagues.

The Beta Belles beat Boltz Red 41-16 to become the undefeated winners of League C.

The Spalding-based Tulips netball team came a very impressive second in their first league season, losing only the one game to the Beta Belles.

Bullettes Fury beat Boston Boltz Black 43-35 on the night to be crowned the victors of League B, having also won all their games.

Grantham-based Fenland Vixens were able to hold onto a tightly-contested second place by goal difference alone in what would appear to be their last game in the Boston League.

Due to the adverse weather conditions recently, two teams from the A League - Boston Boltz Silver and Bullettes Blaze - found themselves playing back-to-back matches on the night to catch up, and if that wasn’t drama enough the 8pm game for these teams was against each other.

If Bullettes were able to blaze ahead then they would be the A League winners.

Sadly, for them it was not to be, as we soon discovered that silver not only stops werewolves and vampires it also stops Bullettes.

Boltz Silver won the game 20 goals to Bullettes Blaze’s 18.

Ironically, Bulletes Blaze’s first game of the night was a convincing win against White Sox, 37-24, but it was the White Sox who ultimately, came out on top of League A by a very impressive goal difference.

The spirited Bulletes Blaze held on for the second spot.

The Winter League will begin in September but, before that, players will be keeping an eye on the Netball World Cup.