Boston 1sts Rugby Club still top after hard clash against Nottingham Boots Corsairs

Boston RFC v Notts Corsairs
Boston RFC v Notts Corsairs

In a dramatic last 15 minutes, Boston proved why they are still top of the league when they visited Nottingham Boots Corsairs this weekend.

The Corsairs were, at times, more of a match for Boston RFC, although the score line doesn’t reflect that and with four players missing, the game was going to be hard fought.

Boston RFC v Notts Corsairs

Boston RFC v Notts Corsairs

The match statistics included no yellow cards, which showed how the game of rugby should be played, with both teams giving full commitment, dedication and fair play.

Boston knew that they would be tested physically and mentally by a side that were making great progress after a poor start to their season.

Boots Corsairs had the upper hand after an infringement by Boston allowing the home side to convert a penalty kick making the score 3-0.

Boots, with the advantage of a very disciplined and well -drilled pack kept Boston up against it most of the game, but gave away a penalty which Tom Brooks converted bringing the score to 3-3.

It wasn’t until the later part of the first half that Boston broke through the Boots defence, allowing Jake Brooks, with ball in hand, to score Boston’s first try of the day, putting Boston in front 3-8.

With the game in full flow and both teams fighting for possession, Boots took the advantage going over the white wash and converting the try putting them ahead 10-8.

Marc Miles with a cut to the forehead from a clash of heads, was making regular visits to the touch line to be bandaged up, bringing disruption to an already struggling pack.

The next blow to Boston was when Alan Phoenix incurred a back injury and was replaced by the more mature Tim Bembridge .

Tim gave a solid 20 minutes as prop when Phoenix was being treated. Boston went into the lead 10-13 after Jack Stokes crossed the try line.

However another opportunity for Boots Corsairs to convert a penalty to bring the score line to 13-13.

The game could have gone either way at this stage, but then Boots Corsairs made another error in the maul, allowing Tom Brooks to convert another penalty, and bringing the score line to 13-16.

Both sides remained focused and determined to show the crowd a good game of rugby.

In the last 15 minutes, Boston seemed to have the advantage, strong runs by Billy Wilson and Marc Miles and the determination to cross the line popping the ball to Tom Brooks who scored the final try of the day.

This Saturday, Boston RFC play host to Horncastle for a 2.15pm kick off.

Boston: A Phoenix, C Doig, R Lloyd, B Wilson, R. Noble, M Miles, J Stokes, S Hughes, W Jonker, T Brooks, M Baldwin, J Brooks (capt), Zeph Chapman, M Keightley, P Cumber

Replacements: T Bembridge, Zac Chapman