Buccs set for first contest

Boston captain Marc Miles.
Boston captain Marc Miles.

The Boston Buccaneers will play their first-ever competitive Rugby League match this weekend.

The newly-formed Buccs will travel to face a Derby City side on Saturday.

“It’s our first season, so the aim is to win more than we lose at the end of the season,” said manager Mark Cleaver, who co-founded the team with head coach Mark Bean.

The duo both have a background in the League code, and are hoping the sport will catch on in Lincolnshire.

The team - which currently has 35 registered players - will spend their first season competing in the Merit Division of the Midlands Rugby League.

This is where all new clubs begin their competitive life and, if results are seen to be of a good standard, the club could be moved into the Premier League next season, where Derby’s First team currently reside.

A group of Rugby League fans, currently based at the county’s RAF bases, will form the backbone of the team, with a number of Boston Rugby Club’s regulars also switching codes during the summer months.

Of course, switching codes isn’t the easiest of tasks, but Cleaver is confident his new squad will have gelled well in time for their first match.

“We noticed a few things in the first sessions,” he said.

“We use a different tackling techniques, and the nimbers are different, they’re back to front.

“But these were just a few tweaks that the lads have responded well to.”

The Buccs’ main sponsors will be LA Lightbars.