Mini success for Boston Rugby Club

Boston under 10s.
Boston under 10s.

Boston Rugby Club’ minis section hosted Cleethorpes in some good-spirited and well-contested matches.

The under eights used their pace to keep bringing the ball into open play.

Cleethorpes showing Boston a bit of class, but the Blue and Whites won all matches.

The team included M. Pursey, J. Booth, J. Douglass, B. Clark, D. Gardiner, A. Maltby, F. Fairman, J. Stewart, R. Deamer, E. Barai, O. Moore, J. Pearson.

The under 10s had plenty of players to choose from and rotated throughout both matches.

However, the squad of E. Turner, A. Vickers, C. Fairman, A. Roberts, J. Richardson, D. Richardson, L. Barai, K. Austin, D. Nicholson, E. O’Callaghan, W. Parker, J. Young, E. Young, A. Oversby, R. Bragg, J.Nye won 5-4 and 6-4.

The under 11s won 1-0 and 5-1. The team was T. Loveley, T. Smith, T. Welberry, M. Boardman, S. Lorenz, C. Rogers, B. Graham, O. Staniland, B. Gillick, N. Gillick, C. Worth, G. Tunnard, A. Caudwell, S. Hiom, B. Cook, J. Bray.