Promotion is only half Willem’s plan

Willem Jonker.
Willem Jonker.

WILLEM Jonker may have led Boston Rugby Club to promotion in his first season in charge – but now he wants more of the same.

The South African took over as coach of the Blue and Whites less than a year ago.

But he has already led them to Midlands 5 title glory, with his side scoring a staggering 691 points in 13 matches, and losing just once.

However, his promise of back-to-back promotions, made on his arrival at the Boardsides, is something he is sticking to.

“Winning another promotion is what I said I wanted to do, and that’s still our goal,” he said. “It’s like every challenge in life, you just have to go for it.

“I think we have a very good side here and we shouldn’t start any season wanting to be anything but the best.”

Jonker, however, did admit that he is looking to add a few new recruits to his team for next season.

He added: “We can be stronger.

“But I don’t want to push people out, I want to create a situation where we have very good players offering competition for places all over the pitch.”

Jonker believes his side racked up so many points due to the willingness of the side to adapt to his vision of playing flowing, expansive rugby, more akin to the Southern Hemisphere where he grew up playing.

And after a season where the team took his instructions on board, he has a few further tricks up his sleeve.

He added: “In training we’ll work hard on a few new things.

“They’ve understood the rugby I want to play, but there are still further things I want them to take on board.”