Six national titles for Evolution kickboxers

Evolution Martial Arts fighters, from left, Zac Baldry, Nesta Baxter, Talon Chambers, Chelsea Leggatt, Mark Baldry and coach Linda Baxter. Front row - Riley Brocklesby and Mackenzie Warrant.

Evolution Martial Arts fighters claimed six titles at the WAKO British National Championships.

Nesta Baxter won five titles while competing in Solihull, and Jake Peppercorn was also crowned a national champ.

Jake Peppercorn wins gold.

But the medal rush didn’t end there as Chelsea Leggatt won two silvers, Talon Chambers claimed a second-place finish, Paige Stedman won two bronzes and Zac Baldry a further bronze.

Nesta, 17, claimed the first title in the Junior Female (16-18 years) -60kg Light Continuous category, retaining her title.

She then won her first senior British title in the Senior Female Light Continuous -60kg.

Titles number three and four arrived in the Junior (16-18 years) and Senior Kick Light -60kg divisions.

Chelsea Leggatt (left) on the podium.

Nesta followed these successes up by winning the Junior Female (16-18 years) -60kg Point Fighting title for the second year running and claiming bronze in the Senior Ladies’ -60kg Point Fighting category.

Jake, 16, won his title in the Junior Male (16-18 years) -89kg Point Fighting section.

He displayed some fantastic fighting, ending the final with an eight-point lead over his opponent.

He then fought in the Senior Men’s -89kg Point Fighting division, claiming a silver medal.

Chelsea, 18, claimed a well-deserved silver in the Junior Female (16-18 years) +70kg Light Continuous and a second of the tournament in the 70kg Point Fighting division.

Eleven-year-old Talon won silver in the Younger Cadet (10-12 years) +47kg Light Continuous.

Zac, 14, fought in the Older Cadet Boys (13-15 years) -52kg Light Continuous category.

There he won a bronze after missing out on a spot in the final to the eventual category winner.

Paige Stedman, 12, won two points bronzes in the Younger Cadet Girls (10-12 years) -42kg and -46kg after some very good performances.

Mackenzie Warrant, 11, and Riley Brocklesby, 10, both fought in the Younger Cadet (10-12 years) -42kg Light Continuous section, Mackenzie fighting in the -37kg category as well.

Both fought well but missed out places on the podium.

Zac, Olivia Green, Riley, Mackenzie, Teegan Aldis and Talon all fought well in their individual points categories.

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