Students offered tips from Kuk Sool Master

Sonny Boyall.
Sonny Boyall.

It’s been a busy two weeks for Kuk Sool Won Boston instructors.

The school’s head instructor Sonny Boyall was asked to attend quality control programme at the martial arts’s HQ in Tomball, Texas, USA, with UK chief master John Ives.

Masters went through the syllabus with more than 150 school owners from the USA and Canada.

Master Sonny also spent a few hours each day teaching sword cutting techniques.

In Boston, instructors took the first school testing of the year with nearly 100 students testing over the day.

A few days later 12 travelled to Norwich’s University of East Anglia to be taught by 8th degree Master Alex Suh.

For more than eight hours they went through details in techniques as well as sword work.