Sutton ready for his plate date

Callum Sutton.
Callum Sutton.

BOSTON kart ace Callum Sutton wants to get his hands on the GP plate – one of the biggest honours in his sport.

This weekend the teenager will be in action at Kartmasters, an event so prestigious it will attract competitors from across Europe and further afield.

And everyone taking part will have the same target... that GP plate.

The Kartmasters champion earns the right to wear the letters GP on their kart throughout next season, instead of a regular number, showing that they have succeeded at one of the toughest races in the karting calendar.

But Sutton, 15, is brimming with confidence ahead of the event, which will be held at Newark’s PFI circuit.

“I’m ready for it. It’s my home track and I know I should be quick,” he told The Standard.

However, the racer who earns the GP plate will have had to do it the hard way.

Kartmasters – nicknamed ‘Crashmasters’ - is an uncompromising event.

With a circuit rammed with riders, each willing to push their kart, and the rules, to the limit in order to succeed, anything can happen.

And Sutton knows that as well as anyone.

At last year’s event his race was over early after being black-flagged following a pile-up caused by the kart in front of him.

Undeterred, and maybe a little wiser, Sunday’s final - which will be televised by Motors TV - is an opportunity he hopes to grasp.

Kartmasters is a one-off championship, with Sutton spending his year competing in the Junior Max category of the Super One championship, the event which helped Britain’s Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Paul Di Resta and Anthony Davidson progress to the heady heights of Formula One.

Like any youngster in that field, Sutton has dreams of making it to the big time.

Success can lead to the F1 teams signing up a young rider, but with all motorsports, funding is an issue.

While some competitors can throw millions of pounds at a season, Sutton’s funding comes from dad Dave.

However, the CRG UK’s competitor’s determined driving style has seen some take note and a test day at SaxMax, the Citroen Saxo racing event, beckons for Sutton.

But in the meantime, all focus is on Kartmasters and, of course, securing that GP plate.

l Sutton continues to look out for sponsorship and support.

Anyone interested in finding out more or helping can email Sutton at