Swords, flying kicks and breaking bricks when they’re on fire! A typical night for Boston Kuk Sool Won

A flying kick breaks a board.
A flying kick breaks a board.
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Boston’s Kuk sool Won group held their annual friends and family demonstration in front of more than 200 spectators.

Flying kicks, swordplay and even breaking flaming concrete blocks could be witnessed at Boston High School.

Among those in the crowd wowed by the high-flying martial arts performance were The Mayor of Boston, Coun Colin Brotherton and Commonwealth Gold medallist boxer Callum Johnson.

The demonstration gave an overall view of the wide array of the syllabus and skills of the students.

The stars of the show were the 50 children who took part and demonstrated everything from self defence to breaking wooden boards.

Apart from the regular skills, sword cutting was demonstrated.

This takes many years of practice, and was taught to black belts by ninth degree Barry Harmon.

Children demonstrated breaks and Nick Johnson, one of the original members of the school, broke a breeze block which was set on fire.

Boston Kuk Sool Won is the only recognised school of the Korean Martial Art in Lincolnshire.

The club welcomes new students.

More information is available at www.kuksoolwonboston.co.uk