21 Jump Street review by Boston Grammar School student Joe Baxter

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21 Jump Street is a film loosely based upon the 80s TV series of the same name, (although if you’re smart enough you will realise it is a sequel) centred on two police officers, played by Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, who have to go back to school to infiltrate a group of drug dealers pedalling a new synthetic substance, which has been discovered to be lethal to those who take it.

If you have taken the time to research this film then you will realise it crosses over two genres; ‘buddy cop’ and comedy.

What is most surprising, however, is how the film manages to successfully transcend both of these genres within a matter of minutes.

It means that the flow of the film is never interrupted as it moves between the two and allows the story to develop in such a way that it is serious when it needs to be, but also makes the easy transition into comedy.

The chemistry shared between Hill and Tatum as the two main characters in this film is excellent, and definitely one of its best attributes.

The development of their relationship throughout the film is somewhat clichéd, but the writing is so self-aware and pulls so many jokes at the expense of the ‘buddy cop’ genre that it almost parodies the cliche and means that it does not matter to the film overall.

After seeing a fair amount of mediocre films recently, it is nice to finally see one which you can just sit back and enjoy.