A celebration of peace

Picture from an event held at the Star of India. Photo by: Nicky Bostrom
Picture from an event held at the Star of India. Photo by: Nicky Bostrom

More than 1,200 people went to an event on Sunday to promote peace and celebrate the birth of the Prophet Mohammed.

Boston’s Star of India restaurant hosted the annual event this year which was organised along with all the Indian restaurants in the town. Yasmin Choudhury, whose husband works at the restaurant, said it attracted people from all walks of life and different political parties.

She said: “We are doing this to spread peace and love in the community, a lot of people dispute what we believe and our way of life but it doesn’t matter because this is about peace and love.

“It was about everybody getting involved and having a good day with friends and family.”

Mayor of Boston Coun Alison Austin congratulated the Muslim community in Boston on the event, adding: “Bringing communities together is never easy.”

She said: “Everyone has been in shock over events in France in the last few days and this illustrates the importance of what our local Muslim community is trying to do.

“The celebration here demonstrated how people from different backgrounds can live together in our local community so that our young people grow up happily alongside each other. It’s important that they learn to understand and respect each other’s differences, be it their religions or customs.”