Arthur Christmas, review by Boston Grammar School pupil Joe Baxter

ARTHUR Christmas is brought to us by the brilliant minds at Aardman Studios, the mastermind’s behind Wallace and Gromit, and the charm resonates into this film, a charming and outlandishly different take on Santa.

In Arthur Christmas, Santa is not a single person, but in fact the title of ‘Santa’ is passed down from father to son, ever since the original Saint Nic himself.

Arthur Christmas could’ve been the usual run of the mill Christmas film, but there is nothing run of the mill about this film, and that’s clear right from the off.

Arthur Christmas tells the story of how Christmas is now run like a business, with the brains (Hugh Laurie) running the scene back in the North Pole, whilst thousands of elves drop down from a huge plane like vehicle (don’t be put off by this outlandish premise) in military like fashion, expertly placing presents according to the ‘niceness level’ of the individual child.

The story itself however, revolves around the child who was missed, and the story of Arthur Christmas, the one man in the north pole who seemingly cares about the true spirit of Christmas, and his quest to get the child their present. Whilst this sounds like a predictable kid’s movie, going in to this, remember: it’s Aardman.

Each individual character is expertly crafted and the last 15 minutes are incredibly tense, don’t miss out on this film as it is that rare animation that can be enjoyed by any age.


l Arthur Christmas will be showing at West End Cinema in 2D today (Wednesday) and tomorrow (Thursday) at 4.35pm and 6.40pm.