Ballet teacher Nina is counting the Sleeps to meet Wayne

Nina Clarke and her babyballet class
Nina Clarke and her babyballet class

A dance teacher, who has set up a ‘baby ballet school’ is set to meet a ballet idol when she attends an annual conference later this month.

Nina Clarke who runs her babyballet school in Boston will be heading to the Baby Ballet annual conference on Saturday, May 31, where the Wayne Sleep will be speaking.

She said: “Wayne Sleep is one of the biggest names in ballet not just in this country, but throughout the world and I am thrilled that I am going to meet him.

“He is so knowledgeable and passionate about ballet and I am looking forward to hearing him speak and passing on his wisdom and enthusiasm to all me and all my babyballet stars.”

At only 5ft2in Sleep is famous for being the shortest male dancer ever admitted into the Royal Ballet School.

He has performed with big names such as Nureyev, and Princess Diana and earlier this year hosted Channel 4 documentary, ‘Big Ballet’.

Nina, of Boston, set up babyballet in February and said she is delighted at the number of pupils she has enrolled in the school so far.

She said: “I feel that it is time to pass on my enthusiasm and dance knowledge to the younger generation.

“I firmly believe that babyballet is a perfect way of teaching children, male and female, confidence, co-ordination and social skills from an early age.

“In a world where we are encouraging children to grow up to be fit and healthy, babyballet is the perfect place to start.”

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