Bonjour! School pen pals from across The Channel meet

Thomas Cowley High School pupils with their French pen-pals
Thomas Cowley High School pupils with their French pen-pals

It was a case of ‘bonjour’ for students at Thomas Cowley High School when they got to meet their French pen-pals recently.

Earlier in the year, almost 50 years eight and nine students from the Donington school signed up to have pen friends from students at the Collège La Garriguette, Vergèze, near Nimes, in the south of France.

It was promised that they would meet up eventually.

Forty-nine French students, accompanied by four teachers, made the trip to the UK where they visited their English pen-pals at the school.

Some of the French students, together with their English penfriends, had a cookery lesson with teacher Diane Jenney, baking scones for their afternoon tea party.

Thomas Cowley French teacher Naomi Jones, who organised the visit, said: “This has been a fabulous opportunity for both the French and English pupils involved and has helped to bring learning a language to life.

“Many of them have been in regular contact since meeting their penfriends, and we are now in the process of organising an exchange between the two schools.”