Book shedding light on town’s forgotten past

Boston's Forgotten Crusade by Andrew Hoyle.
Boston's Forgotten Crusade by Andrew Hoyle.

A new book is shedding light on a forgotten episode of Boston’s past.

Boston’s Forgotten Crusade explores how in 1390 a small army sailed from Boston to take part in the crusade that invaded the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

The new book is written by local historian Andrew Hoyle. It is published by the heritage organisation Boston Hanse Group.

Explaining how the book came about Andrew, of Fishtoft, said: “The Hanse Group were looking at historical links between Boston and the Hanseatic towns around the Baltic. I always knew Henry of Derby (later Henry IV) went on a crusade to the Baltic – and as his nickname in Shakespeare is Bolingbroke it occurred to me that he might have set off via Boston, which is the nearest port to Bolingbroke Castle. This guess proved correct, and I was amazed at all the details that emerged – and have been completely forgotten locally.”

Find the book at Waterstones or Fydell House, in Boston, priced at £4.

Andrew has donated all royalties from the book to Boston Hanse Group.