Boston ‘Banksy’ strikes again with new graffiti mural

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A new cheeky Banksy-style graffiti mural has appeared in Boston.

The image, on a wooden board, depicts a baby reading a book entitled ‘Idiots Guide to Street Art’.

It was left propped against a wall in Boston in a position where it would be seen by staff at The Standard. However, the paper has decided not to release information of its whereabouts as it is easily removable.

As reported last week - several graffiti murals have appeared in the town mimicking the stencil style of famous street artist Banksy, whose identity is still unknown.

One depicts King Kong on top of the Stump.

Director of operations for The Stump Mike Bartlett was so impressed with the mural he got the image printed on postcards to sell in the church gift shop.

Other murals include three versions of a ‘moonwalking stormtrooper’ and a copy of Banky’s ‘Kissing Coppers’ at North forty Foot Bank.

As with the real Banksy - the identity of his Boston counterpart is yet unconfirmed. But the Standard believes there may be more than one at work.

Someone calling themselves ‘The Key’ on Twitter is claiming to be have created the Stump and stormtrooper images but denies responsiblity for the ‘Kissing Coppers’.

No-one has yet claimed responsibility for the new baby mural.