Boston translation firm wins council contract

Virga Steponaviciene, Lelde Plesa and Dawn Crossingham
Virga Steponaviciene, Lelde Plesa and Dawn Crossingham

A translation firm in Boston has won a county council contract to work with families and carers from minority groups in the town.

PAB Translation Centre has been commissioned to organise promotional activities in the family centres and at outreach locations enabling universal access to services for people in Boston.

PAB is launching a ‘You & Your child’ course in Boston, for parents and families living in central Boston as well as in areas such as Swineshead and Sutterton in the east, to Old Leake, Leverton and Freiston in the west.

The project aims to enable families to understand the support available and their responsibilities as parents.

PAB will be working closely with Surestart centres responsible for early services for children, young people and their families.

Project manager Lelde Plesa said: “We are thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with Lincolnshire County Council in this way. We believe that we can support the council and Surestart centres as they strive to provide modern and responsive public services to the residents of Boston.”