CINEMA PREVIEW: Monsters University (U) and Pacific Rim (12A)

Monsters University
Monsters University
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The Standard’s resident film expert Gavin Miller previews the latest blockbuster movie releases - Monsters University and Pacific Rim.

Monsters University (U): Since teaming up on a permanent basis with The House of Mouse, Pixar may have lost some of their morals – primarily foregoing their ‘general’ policy of not doing sequels – but this is arguably one you wanted to see.

This time one of their most highly-acclaimed animations gets the prequel treatment, as we see the fledgling years of Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley’s (John Goodman) friendship at university – when they simply couldn’t stand each other – before they became the best of pals we know and love from the 2001 film.

That in itself provides some problems, as we know where this ‘origin’ story will end up, but the reviews have been pretty decent from the States – in comedic terms at the very least.

Pacific Rim (12A): This will undoubtedly be this summer’s ‘marmite’ blockbuster – you’re either going to love it or hate it.

From acclaimed Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro, there’s no doubting the film’s production values, as massive robots – aided by Brit star Idris Elba (Luther and Prometheus) – take on monstrous sea creatures to prevent an apocalyptic event.