CINEMA REVIEW: Dallas Buyers Club (15)

Dallas Buyers Club
Dallas Buyers Club

Since Matthew McConaughey’s ‘McConaissance’, the actor has been unstoppable – and his role in Dallas Buyers Club could be his best yet.

It’s not quite his best film, but arguably his best performance.

McConaissance is used to describe his transformation from goofy rom-com actor to a highly-credible one in award worthy films. Dallas Buyers Club is up for an Oscar, as is the man.

This emotional drama is loosely based on a true story. It focuses on Ron Woodproof – a womanising, drug taking, homophobic, trailer-park tenant. His life is turned upside-down in 1985 after being diagnosed as HIV-positive.

He begins taking the FDA approved AZT, but discovers more effective treatments and smuggles them in to sell to fellow patients. Most of Ron’s patients hail from the gay community and he goes into business with Rayon (Jared Leto), an Aids patient.

The Dallas Buyer’s Club is very much a film about battles. Ron battles with coming to terms with his condition, with his homophobic views after meeting Rayon, and with the medical establishment.

I’m not overly confident on Dallas Buyers Club but both McConaughey and Leto stand a good chance. Both actors lost an incredible amount of weight and both give the performance of their careers.