By Boston Grammar School student Joe Baxter

THIS review is strictly for the men, because the very reason women are flocking to see this film, is the very reason many men are avoiding it; which is a shame because ‘Magic Mike’ is perhaps one of the best films I have seen all year.

My interest in ‘Magic Mike’ first peaked when I discovered Steven Soderbergh was the director, and thankfully, I was right to be interested, because ‘Magic Mike’ is a fantastic character story, with Channing Tatum pulling off a brilliant performance that at no point feels artificial.

This can also be said for Alex Pettyfr and Matthew Mcconaughey who are again very interesting characters. However, what is perhaps Magic Mike’s biggest flaw (which is a shame considering this could have been a five star film) is the romantic subplot.

Whilst Channing Tatum’s character is fun, tragic and interesting, the lead female actor has a personality equivalent to that of a brick. You never really buy into their relationship and whilst Tatum does his best, the same can’t be said for Horn.

So men, do not be afraid to see this film, because whilst I was one of the three men in my screening, I immensely enjoyed this film and if you’re looking for a film that is both funny and engaging, this is the one for you.