Cleaning powers of firefighters shot down in flames

Boston firefighters on BBC Food Inspectors
Boston firefighters on BBC Food Inspectors

Flames may hold little fear for this team of Boston firefighters, but show them a dirty kitchen and they will be quaking in their boots.

Or at least they will give it a rub down with an anti-bacterial wipe – after they learned a few lessons in cleanliness following their appearance on BBC 1 programme The Food Inspector.

Members of the green watch, which featured on the show on Wednesday, were shocked to discover that the seemingly-clean kitchen in the mess at Robin Hood’s Walk was not as pristine as thought.

Crew manager Matt King said: “The Food Inspector swabbed the kitchen and, although it looked quite clean and tidy on the surface, it turned out to be quite a different story under the microscope, which was an eye-opener for all of us.”

Despite being shamed into learning some better cleaning habits, the crew said they did not mind the wake up call, as it gave them a chance to promote fire safety messages to 
the nation.

Matt said: “We tied some fire safety messages into their messages about hygiene – for example by emphasising that keeping your kitchen clean not only reduces bacteria, but reduces fat and food build-up around the grill which may lead to a fire.”