COLUMN: Let’s have hope for a bright future for Boston

Father Hugh Jones
Father Hugh Jones

The Rev Dr Hugh Jones of St Botolph’s Church offers us his take on life in Boston

When I first came to live and work in Boston, one of the things that struck me was that local people wanted to know what I thought of the place. Nothing odd about that, but what was strange was that many seemed disappointed when I said that I like it!

I soon realised that many people responded in that way because they feel that the Boston they knew and loved has been spoiled. Indeed, over time, it became clear to me that in Boston, history matters. Boston has a rich past but has also changed a great deal, and that has been hard.

It would be easy to respond by wanting to turn back the clock, imagining that the best days of the town lie behind it, blaming all our current problems on the most obvious changes.

As a Christian priest, I understand the importance of history.

The faith that I practise and preach is based on historical events.

It is also, though, a faith which offers hope for the future.

Hope means trusting that the future is in God’s hands, and refusing to despair, even when things get tough.

Hope matters every bit as much as history, not least because the clock cannot be turned back and time only ever moves in one direction.

We can look to the past for inspiration, but the future will always be new and different.

I believe that if we approach it in hope, it can be every bit as rich and wonderful as the glory days of the past.