Event to bring Latvian community together

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AN EVENT to bring together the people of Boston will take place on Saturday.

The opening ceremony of the Latvian Community of Boston, will take place at Fenside Community Centre from 3pm onwards.

The event will include a number of Latvian based activities throughout the day and performances by dance and music groups.

These will include a speech, a presentation of the various activities including Novuss club (a table top game), a Hockey Club and Dinamo Riga fan club, a folk group, and a card game called Zolite.

Latvian songwriter Aina Boza, the London Latvian Dance Group, folk group Zeperi and pop group Peterlini will also be performing.

The event will be attended by the Ambassador of Latvia Eduards Stiprais, the Mayor of Boston Colin Brotherton and the chairman of the UK Latvian National Committee and other associations.

Admission to the event costs £5 and it is open to everyone.

For details call Zee Barbaks on 07912 102983.