Feel right at Holme with the latest Sherlock caper

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (12A)

Review by Boston Grammar School pupil Joe Baxter.

The latest instalment is much better than its predecessor as the plot feels much more loyal towards the brilliant Arthur Conan Doyle stories that inspired it.

Much like its predecessor, Sherlock Holmes 2 features a fine array of performances, from Robert Downey Jnr who perfectly suits the eccentric and charismatic personality of the Holmes we all know and love; to the brilliant Jared Harris, who plays Professor Moriarty both faithfully towards to original novel as well as incorporating some original elements.

The deep involving plot also seems much more involving than the first’s.

Director Guy Ritchie manages to allow the audience an insight into how Holmes’ mind works, with a step-by-step mechanic which he runs through his head before following it through in real life. This allows the audience to relate to Holmes much more, which is a key element in the characterisation in any film.

It must be said that this is an incredible film, it has everything you could want in a Sherlock Holmes film; well-panned out characters, sufficient charismatic wit, deeply-involving plot, and best of all, it remains both faithful to the stories that inspired it, while bringing new elements of its own.


The film is showing at Boston’s West End and other cinemas in the area.