Hopes for a £450k coastal heritage investment for Boston

Boston's waterways could be set for promotion through a new hertiage centre and cruise boat.
Boston's waterways could be set for promotion through a new hertiage centre and cruise boat.

Boston could be in line for a £450,000 investment for a coastal heritage centre and cruise boat to boost tourism –if a funding bid is successful.

Coastal Boston, a new project set up to promote the history of the borough’s waterways, has applied for the grants from the Coastal Communities Fund, administered by the Big Lottery.

“The funding we have asked for would enable us to establish and run a fully-interactive heritage centre, a series of talks and workshops and also maintain a boat to provide pleasure cruises for two years, after which it is hoped that we would become fully self-sustainable,” said Caroline Wallis, heritage officer for the project. “In our funding application we have demonstrated to the Big Lottery that this project would be of great benefit to Boston, increasing training and employment opportunities for local people and supporting local businesses by bringing more visitors to the town.”

The project has received initial funding and support from local community interest company TaylorITEX

If the initial application is successful, they will be asked to complete a more in-depth application to be submitted in October. The final decision will be given in the New Year.

“It seems like a long time to wait,” said Caroline. “But I will be working hard during that time to meet with local groups, form supportive partnerships, seek out additional funding opportunities and generally keep raising awareness of the project and its aims.”

A key aim of the project is to promote Boston as a ‘coastal town’ and highlight how the waterways impacted on the development of Boston throughout history.

The project has gained support from Boston Borough Council, Endeavour Radio, the Boston and District Angling Association among others.

For more details, or to get involved, call 07765 114822.