Hoping to help with new book

Author Ian Best.
Author Ian Best.

A therapist from Boston has written a book that aims to shine a light on the profession and also help people ‘feel better and be happier’.

Ian Best, 48, has made his debut as a writer with Through The Eyes Of A Therapist.

The book is based on Ian’s work as a therapist and looks to explore the profession, demystify therapy, but also offer advice in terms of, what he described as, ‘very common thinking mistakes that people make that can be easily avoided’.

He said he aimed for Through The Eyes Of A Therapist to be different to other books of its type already on the market.

“I have seen so many books on overcoming issues and difficulties that are just not user friendly at all, so I wanted to create an alternative,” he said.

“It is intentionally non-academic or scientific, rather it is easy to take on board, has lots of related examples and anecdotes that are from everyday life.”

Ian has a private therapy practice near Boston, but also currently works for the NHS in Spalding. He previously worked for the NHS in Boston for five years.

Of his hopes for the book, he said: “Not wishing to sound overtly altruistic, I just hope that it gives people that little something to overcome whatever it is that is holding them back, that they become liberated and more able to do the things they want and to banish the fears that may have prevented them from doing this.

“It has terrific advice for dealing with anxiety, depression and other emotional problems, so I would dearly love for people to be able to simply just feel better and be happier.”

Through The Eyes Of A Therapist is available at www.amazon.co.uk, priced £7.99.